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it wont let me play music, it says theres no music and i dont know how to fix it please help also im on mac

Hey, this is the first game I've ever played, but its not the first Bullet hell or twin stick shooter game I've played, BUT I think its amazing, I love the idea, I have a few ideas I want to share on the further development of the game, is there a discord server or twitter or email I can chat with you on?

Feel free to reach out to me at However, I'm not currently developing this game anymore.

Are you continuing development on this?

Unfortunately no, I'm not developing this game anymore, hence why I made it free.

Thats very unfortunate. This is a really cool game.

also you may want to update its status.

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The game is incredibly fun, but I have some controller issues.

My left stick controls movement and aiming, and I can't quite figure out how to get the aiming back onto the right stick. I tried using the input menu on the startup launcher, but it doesn't detect my left stick input, even though it can read it in-game. My right stick only offers completely inverted movement, if it even decides to do anything.

One of the best music based games I've played in a while. The only complaint I have is with the menus. They could use some more graphical flair and I'd like to use a controller with them.

I love how well this game coordinates enemy activity to the music.

Mii Channel music is intimidating. Ambient music is intense. I need a proper Lemongrab Sound Sword song to play with this.

Great concept, but the difficulty is very weird x)

This may be the first game I've played to actually sync up to the music I put into it with some degree of accuracy.

How do you play your own song? I can't seem to get mine to play.

Really neat!

Very fun game! I love the style, although I should say that the background of the game leaves a tad bit to be desired. My suggestion is that you have it resemble a grid like background, or something that pays homage to Outrun, Geometry Wars, or  Astroids. I'm going to keep playing this game as long as I have music. Just please do another update soon! (Or better yet, NOW. Lol.)


So far this is the best music generated twin stick game. I have only played a few others and some of them were good, but they were too flashy and made me feel a bit sick. This game has a good amount of visiual style without causing problems for me. The action seems more acurate to the music being played than the other games I've played too. I LOVE music and have a lot of different styles. Thanks for making this game!